Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sunset & sunrise around Malacca - Limbongan - (Part I)

9/11 Sunset (Afterglow), Malacca Port [Explored]
An afterglow with nearer composition to the ship, not really feel secure here as you are far from the public eye so need to be alert with your surrounding for your safety.

Sunset/sunrise around Malacca
Part I - Limbongan, Bandar Hilir
Part II - Selat Mosque, Pulau Melaka
Part III - Al Azim Mosque, Solok, Bukit Peringgit
Part IV - Bachang, Batu Berendam
Part V - Pantai Pengkalan Balak, Masjid Tanah

Its ironic since i have'nt publish anything yet from around Malacca since its my hometown. Normally whenever i went back to my hometown, i prefer to relax and laze around at home. Only on a few occasion i went birding behind my home and another occasion shooting sunset at Muar. Other than that i just spend my time at home or went around to shopping mall with my family. During the last Eidul Fitri however since the sunset during that week seem to be very good i went for sunset shooting almost everyday. After shooting landscape for awhile, you can almost accurately (i would say 80%) predict whether it will be a good sunset or not by looking at the sky condition 2-3 hours before sunset. So during my journey from Kuala Lumpur toward my hometown it seem promising for a beautiful sunset.

Therefore immediately after arriving at home i went straight to Malacca Town. I initially decide to go to Selat Mosque but as somehow bandar hilir is quite jammed, i detour to another nearer location by the seaside at Taman Laksamana, which turn out to be a good spot also. This area is not actually a port, its more like a place for ship repair (maybe). This area maybe is an extension of another area at Limbongan at neighbouring area. The Limbongan location name itself imply it is an area for ship repair (limbungan = shipyard). Another possibility is that the ship is actually carrying construction material for the development in that reclaimed area. Need someone to clarify this. Whatever it is, this place can be a good alternative to the nearby Selat Melaka Mosque.  I'm planning to return to this place for startrail. Just need a partner for safety. Join me? :D

9/11 Sunset @ Malacca Port
The sun already setting by the time i arrived at the 'port'

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