Monday, November 29, 2010

Seaside photography hunting at Jeram, Kuala Selangor

Tranquility (Explored)
An angler jetty by the seaside during high tide (30sec exposure)

Selangor is blessed with diversified landscape from jungle(eg Hutan Lipur Kanching) ,mountain (eg nuang), rocky hill (eg Bukit Tabur), paddy field (eg Sekinchan) and even coastal landscape along the seaside (eg Jeram, Kelanang). Jeram is located between Kapar and Kuala Selangor. Jeram is more famous for its seafood such as fresh grilled fish (ikan bakar), squid, and so on.

As with most seaside area, you can always find photography subject. These two picture is taken at Jeram beach along the seaside inner road.

To reach Jeram, the easiest is from Kapar. After around 15-20km you will see Jeram mosque beside a traffic light (there is only 2-3 traffic light along the way after Kapar so you couldn't miss it), take left, after few hundred metre before the jetty area there is a junction to the left, take left, then you'll see aroma ikan bakar on your right, along the way is Jeram beach.

These picture were taken during high tide. Both taken after the sun fully set. I intend to return to this place later during low tide. Credit to few photographer who has been here earlier than me such as Zilzal,Acid,Shazral, Arabischenab (especially zilzal who pointed the exact location of this subject).

Lining to the sea (Explored)
An interesting rock formation which form a leading line to the sea (30sec exposure)

Basic google map showing the direction to Jeram beach from Kapar or from Kuala Selangor

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  1. jeram ni memang awesomeness
    kalau takde kawan yang bawak, rasanya as pun tatau tempat ni cung untuk seascape :)
    lama bangat suda nda ke sana..
    selamat terus maju jaya berkarya cekgu! ;p

  2. wow..! selama ni tak perasan jeram begitu cantik rupanya...

  3. terbaik dari encik emran lecturer disukai ramai. ( nak mintak naik kan grade). hahahhahahaha

  4. hehehhe.. mekaseh sumer.. thanks for support.. :D


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