Monday, August 2, 2010

Sungai Timun, Linggi - Tasting freshwater lobster & smoked sembilang fish

Fisherman boat at Fisherman Jetty, Sungai Timun, LinggiOn the way from my hometown Malacca to KL, we stop by this fisherman jetty at Kampung Sungai Timun, Linggi which is famously known for its freshwater lobster (udang galah). This area were once highlighted in Majalah 3 documentary. Bought half kilo of live udang galah for RM25. My son damn scared when i put the plastic bag of the live lobster beside him.. hehe..

Panorama Pengkalan Nelayan Sungai Timun, Linggi, Negeri Sembilan
Panorama picture of the river at the Jetty
Apart from freshwater lobster, Sungai Timun is also famous for crocodile sighting and fireflies (kunang-kunang). Its pristine mangrove swamp that fringes the river definitely a perfect habitat for both creatures. The last survey by Perhilitan count the number of crocodile at Sungai Linggi (which Sungai Timun is part of it) at 3000+. The number might has dwindled by now but their number is still significant.

I arrive at this jetty at around 5 PM, take a look around for 15-20 minutes,chat with an elder who is fishing for lobster with his son (got few tips for lobster fishing also.. :D) , before heading back to KL. Planning to revisit this place next time maybe for fireflies sighting and also fishing :D.

After exiting this place, we bought a kilo of smoke sembilang fish by the roadside for RM16. Managed to get around 14 sembilang fish. Judging from its look, my wife said it is keli.. not sembilang.. from its taste i said its not keli.. and finally when we reach my father in law house, he said it is sembilang laut not keli. After being smoked their look seem similar. :D

Some other link about Sungai Timun

How to reach Sungai Timun

-Easiest way is by from Pedas Plus Highway exit. After exiting Pedas, take left (go towards Pengkalan Durian). At the end of the road (at Pengkalan Durian) you will reach a T junction.Take left towards Linggi. Drive slowly and lookout for the junction to Sungai Timun on your right. There is supposed a large billboard about Jeti Nelayan Sungai Timun. The road towards this jetty is currently under upgrade exercise. After several kilometers you will see the jetty area on your left. 

You can also exit earlier at Simpang Ampat if you are coming from south but the journey through kampung road is much longer (i think it is almost  2x longer than from PEDAS exit).  From Simpang Ampat exit, take 9 o'clock (left) at the round about. At the first four-way intersection, take right. From here you just need to go straight passing through Kampung Brisu, Kampung Lendu, Lubok Cina,Kampung Sungai Jerneh and Kampung Pengkalan Pauh. After Kampung Pengkalan Pauh, look out for the Jetty Nelayan Sungai Timun on your left. Follow the new road for few kilometers and you'll see the jetty are on your left.

Please note that since you using kampung road, there is a lot of sheep, goat and buffalo wandering around by the roadside so becareful.

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  1. it was definitely ikan keli . ikan sembilang fetch a higher price and it was quite difficult to get a steady supply .

  2. yeke... then my wife would proudly announce she knew it from the beginning.. :D


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