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Abseiling at Air Terjun Sungai Pisang, Gombak

Sungai Pisang Waterfall

Sungai Pisang is a beautiful waterfall located not far from Karak Highway. You need to trek from around 20-40 minutes (depend on which path you used) to reach this waterfall. Some outdoor freelance also conduct abseiling / team building program here as the waterfall is very suitable for abseiling activities. There is minimal drown risk here as the pool there is not deep at all. (wonder how someone posted a comment at waterfallofmalaysia about near drown story there). During our trip there is an abseiling activity conducted for a student group from Mahsa College .

Some of the picture taken there

Air Terjun Sungai Pisang

Ray of Light @ Sungai Pisang Waterfall
If you go in early morning , there will be lots of Ray of Light around

Pondok @ Sungai Pisang Waterfall
An old hut along the way

Sungai Pisang Waterfall
One the the smaller fall at the waterfall

Abseiling @ Sungai Pisang Waterfall
Abseiling at Sungai Pisang Waterfall

Abseiling @ Sungai Pisang Waterfall
Facilitator guiding student to abseil down at Sungai Pisang Waterfall

How to get here - Air Terjun Sungai Pisang, Gombak

The easiest way is by the Karak highway. But this method would put your vehicle under risk as it is left by the highway roadside.
After paying the first Karak Highway tol, keep an eye to the kilometer signage by the roadside. Stop at KM 28.7 , from there you can see there is a small trek by the roadside (if you found a small road by the roadside, you missed the signage already). The trek start there. After around 20-25 minutes you will reach the waterfall (you can hear the waterfall gushing sound after 10-15 minutes of trekking).

Second path is by using the old Gombak-Genting road. By this way your car will park within the private area of several chalet operator (safer i guess). Use the old Gombak-Genting road, at KM 11 you will found a junction toward several chalet. Take this junction and go further inside. When you found the chalet parking area, park there. You might need to pay few ringgits for parking there (in our case the operator request RM5/car). From there follow the river upstream until you found a twin tunnel. Walk by this tunnel. It is not recommend to walk inside the tunnels water as they might be unknown creatures such as snake staying there inside the dark tunnel. Use the sideway of the tunnel. (This tunnel is actually a river tunnel underneath the Karak Highway.)

After the tunnel, proceed further a bit until you find a trekking route. This trekking route will bring you to hike a small hill and you will also find few old hut (probabily built by the orang asli). After around 40-45 minutes of trekking you will reach Sungai Pisang Waterfall.

Or alternatively, for a shorter trekking, after passing the tunnel, hike up to the highway road using the drain path. Then go to KM 28.7, and start trekking from the small path not far from KM 28.7 signage. You will trek for around 20-25 minutes only.

Credit to Arey who guide us to this place
Credit to Azri who organize this trip under Luarbiasa Photography umbrella

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  2. Hye there.may i know how much per pax cost if we hire guide?

  3. @zarina .. normally our fren within the hiking community will guide us anywhere .. so hiring is rarely the issue (therefore i cant really answer your question) ... contact me and we'll see how.. maybe i with my fren can arrange a short trip to here after raya & you can join us..

  4. Hi, do you know who to contact if I want to go for abseiling?

  5. hi, do you know anyone who expert in handling this abseiling activity? i need a person to in charge the activity


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