Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shooting remnant of a temple at Sungai Sembilang, Selangor

Abandoned Temple [35/365]
Temple remnant at Sungai Sembilang, Selangor

Few weeks ago I with few of my fren went to look for sunset shooting spot. As usual we will normally seek new places by scouting the seaside area for any interesting spot for sunset. This tedious brute forcing alike method sometime allow us to find good new places such as this one (sometime zero result also.. :) ).

The more popular spot at Sungai Sembilang is actually its angler/fisherman jetty.  We were targeting a different structure by the seaside near to this jetty but unable to look for the correct entrance from the road. Trekking by the seaside would be too far so we just shoot another location in between which is this temple remnant location.

It seem that the temple has fall viction to waves erosion as its location is too near to the shoreline. Apart from this tree you can also compose your shot from the mangrove tree around the area.

This location is located between Kapar and Jeram. To reach this location, go north from Kapar. After passing Tambak Jawa area, look for Al-Naim Mosque to your left or for the Sungai Sembilang signboard. From this mosque you can safely take any left junction (eg Jalan Kolam Pancing) and go towards the direction of an apartment called Pantai Indah Seaview Resort which is the highest structure there. Ask for permission to park within the vinicity of the resort area and then walk to the seaside. You'll see the jetty area. The remnant location is situated about 100m from the jetty by the seaside. The jetty is famous with angler during weekend. Since the location is quite secluded makesure you took some safety precaution (go in group, torch light, etc).

The End [33/365]
To our luck, the sun setting gloriously that day, alhamdulillah

Complexly Cluttered [36/365]
Composing picture behind the unique tree roots

Sunset @ Sungai Sembilang, Selangor [34/365]
Framing the sun

This is my 50th post on this blog.. personal achievement for me.. :)

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Redang Island, Terengganu

Exquisite (Explored)
Learning to capture long exposure seascape photography

Few months ago had the opportunity to visit Redang for a workshop organized by my faculty. During our stay, we stay at Redang Holiday Beach Villa. To be honest, if it is for leisure or family then it would be a good place, but for workshop environment .. the place is not suitable at all..  no suitable conference/meeting room.. no suitable equipment... nothing at all..  but we adjust a long the way and manage to proceed with our objective successfully..

The beach that we were facing is towards the east so only sunrise can be observe from our place. Sunrise only appear on our first morning and then it hide the next day. :D

Here are some of the picture taken during my visit there

The view from one of the chalet hut. simply beautiful

For some, this construction barge spoiled the sandy beach view .. For me.. its a subject :D
Redang Island is definitely a beautiful island with unlimited possibility for seascape. I hope i would able to repeat this location with more flexibility (not for workshop/working) and hopefully the weather would be more nicer then  .. since our visit is exactly before just before the monsoon season it keep raining especially during sunrise/sunset (even half of the resort along the beach is already close down for monsoon break)

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fishing village, Pantai Kundur (Pantai Puteri), Malacca

Sunset @ Fishing Village, Pantai Kundur, Malacca
Fisherman boat & vessel along the Pantai Kundur shoreline

Located along the shore of Pantai Kundur is a tranquil & peacefull fishing village, approximately 17 km from Malacca Town. You can observed how belacan is make here. Not far from Pantai Kundur is the petroleum refining industry facility owned by Petronas. The petronas jetty is prominently part of the sea landscape in Pantai Kundur. People of Malacca still remember how penny compensation was given to those who had to relocate in Tangga Batu to make way for that development (RM5/sq feet?). There were rumours that the larger budget meant for them were embezzled before reaching the intended receipient.

I fondly remember Pantai Kundur as my scout camping and training place during primary school. I remember camped there twice while i'm in Darjah 4 & 6 (think so) learning tying ropes, basic cooking, and singing scout song and even song from neighbouring countries (because there are participants from neighbouring countries). Today's parents overprotective of their children and teens . Even PLKN scared the hell out of them.. But saying so, i also not so sure whether i will accord my son/daughter the same privilege... let see.. we'll cross that bridge when we come to it..
Sunset @ Pantai Kundur (Pantai Puteri), Malacca
Dead tree by the shoreline
Pantai Puteri is a new name given to enhance the 'commercial value' of this beautiful beach. Good place such as this serene and tranquil beach doesnt need new name with no historical/local value. Might as well you rename all places such as Tanjung Keling.. Pantai Klebang.. Pantai Pengkalan Balak.. or even Melaka! (Last time i heard the ADUN is still ADUN Kundur.. not ADUN Puteri) ..

Sorry for being a bit emotional or even sarcastic but our leader need to learn how to preserve our heritage.. not replace it with fake identity.. we lost too many of it already..

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Secret Passage, Ujong Pasir (Malacca Part 6c)

Secret Passage [5/365]

During my third visit to Anjung Pasir (1st with Jasni, 2nd with Qamar & 3rd with Rajesh), we went looking around the area scouting for alternative site. I rarely repeat the same location too many times as i believe there are so many other places to explore. Or as Mr Rajesh put it, the first shot is always the best shot. For seascape i might repeat during different tide height as different tide height bring different view/composition and new feel to the same place.

Rajesh spotted this site and i agree with him that this place would be a very nice photography subject. Since i already shot at the abandoned jetty twice, i decided to shoot at this new location while Mr Rajesh shoot at the jetty place. He came later to this place also before the sunset light went off totally.  Would love to repeat this location when the tide is lower.

This would be the last entry on Ujong Pasir, meanwhile, today i'ved started my own personal blog at http://www.emranmt.blogspot.com/ I just need a place to put my opinion/perspective on certain thing and i dont think its good to mix that with the landscape photoblog i had in here. Feel free to visit it. Cya there!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ujung Pasir Revisit : Malacca Part 6b

2011 New Year Eve [1/365]
New Year Eve - found a couple of bottle dumped along the shoreline and decided to make a composition of them

This part is a continuity from previous part which i describe about an abandoned jetty found in Portuguese Settlement in Ujong Pasir. Since then I've been receiving inquiry on how to reach the jetty by fellow photographer which i happily respond.

Apart from the jetty, the area next to it is also picture worthy. During low tide you'll be able to reach a lonely tree area about 50m from the shoreline. During high tide these area would be submerged under the water but it is still a great landscape to shoot. Just need to find a good angle and composition, then shoot!

The picture below even manage to hit Flickr Explore front page briefly. Flickr Explore is only a feature by flickr to select the 500 most interesting picture on a daily basis from all uploads around the world. Few of it would make it to the front page during that day. This is my second explore front page i get (the first one is in 2009 for the earth hour picture - here it is)

Afterglow @ Ujong Pasir, Malacca [2/365] (Explored FrontPage)
The final afterglow of 2010

Aiming  [3.1/365]
The final light of 2011

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Dangerously abandoned, An Old Jetty in Portuegese Settlement, Ujong Pasir (Malacca Part 6a)

Old Jetty, Ujong Pasir, Malacca (Explored)

Its been a while since the last time i update this blog.. which is why i choose the title dangerously abandoned... when you leave it too long you might loose the drive or passion to update it.. hopefully it wont happen here.. :D ... got a lot of things to do in December and had to prioritize... now i'm queuing up few post for the next several days :D

For this post & few more i'll continue to cover several location in Malacca ... i had written five series on various location of Malacca previously [Part I - Limbongan, Bandar Hilir,Part II - Selat Mosque, Pulau Melaka,Part III - Al Azim Mosque, Solok, Bukit Peringgit,Part IV - Bachang, Batu Berendam,Part V - Pantai Pengkalan Balak, Masjid Tanah]

This is an amazing new found for photography heaven. Last Nov when I'm scouting around along the seashore of Malacca (yeah, thats the way i hunt for seaside location nowadays), i stumbled upon this old Jetty in Ujong Pasir. And then with Jasni (his result here)& Sofian Boe (his hdr result) we shoot this location during sunset. Since then i already repeated this place twice upon request by fellow photographer friend (2nd with Qamar and 3rd with ragstatic (i idolized this man's artpiece)from singapore) - his result here. Even though its already three time i've been here there are a lot of different subject, different composition and angle that you can try along this short seashore. I'll cut the blog entry to three part for this location :D

Here is the Jetty picture (both images (the top and the one below is explored by Flickr :D)
From Lisbon with love (Explored)

The Bridge to Lisbon
From the 2nd visit with Qamar

To reach this place, you just need to follow the direction to Ujong Pasir or St John Hill(just next to Bandar Hilir, southern part - if you shoot Selat Mosque before then its only few km apart, you can even see selat mosque from this area) and then follow the direction to Portuguese Settlement, you'll reach this area.

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