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Phuket Island, Thailand (Phuket Part I)

Phuket | Wat Chalong
Wat Chalong, Phuket

In 2009 me,my wife,my sister in law and my son went for a family holiday in Phuket. We brought my sister in law together as my wife family is currently residing in the US (short posting) and she is the only one still in Malaysia apart from my wife. We managed to get a very very cheap ticket from AirAsia . I didn't remember the detail but the total ticket price for three of us is less than RM200 including airport tax,food & fuel surcharge. Only my sister in law ticket is a bit pricier as we bought her ticket later.

During this trip also i bring my first IR camera. A goldie IR version. Was so impressed with the result. But the camera didnt survive long. My sister in law accidentally make it swim at Khai Nui Island. 

Phuket | Fisherman going to the sea
Patong beach fisherman going to the sea (IR)

Phuket is an island by itself. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge at the north side. In 2004 this island was also hit by the tsunami that originate from the earthquake at Acheh, Indonesia. We stay at Patong Seaview Beach resort at Patong Beach which is where the focal point of Phuket tsunami tragedy. Staying there is convenient as it is among the main tourist spot in Phuket.

Phuket | Fisherman Village @ Patong Beach
Fisherman village at Patong Beach , this village is a bit hidden at the end of Patong Beach

While the island is small, you will need to rely on taxi to bring you to the attraction within the island. Most taxi has packages for you to choose. You can even bought island hopping packages from them. Another alternative is to rent motorcycle and tour the island by yourself (which is easy as the island is small enough, IMHO very similar to Langkawi Island)

Phuket | Boat @ Chalong Bay (IR)
Low tide at Chalong Bay (While waiting for food i went to capture this)

Among few attraction within this island itself is the Wat Chalong (Chalong Temple).. Chalong wat is considered as the important Buddhist temple in this Island. It is also the biggest and most ornate of Phuket's 29 Buddhist temple. Nearby to Chalong Wat is Chalong Bay which has some of the popular (but pricey) seafood restaurant by the beach.

Phuket | Boats @ Chalong Bay (IR)
Fisherman boat at Chalong Bay, Phuket

Few of us went to central Phuket Town. Nothing much there unless you looking for cheaper shopping location than tourist place such as Patong beach. It is just a mid size town. Among the location that we go while we were there include Surin Circle and Dalmiyah Mosque. There is a muslim restaurant beside the mosque  which is very delightful for us (as we have'nt eat any chicken/meat for the past 3 days when we visit the mosque :D). There is a sizeable muslim community at the mosque (they speak malay also in Kelantan dialek). From there we we introduced to Awang who later bring us to several muslim food restaurant within the island and also to the Phuket Royal Marina .

Phuket | Masjid Dalmiyah @ Phuket Town
The Dalmiyah Mosque dome, Phuket Town
Phuket | Mimbar masjid Dalmiyah , Phuket TownPhuket | Masjid Dalmiyah @ Phuket Town
Phuket | Muslim Restaurant

Phuket | Surin Circle
Surin Circle

Phuket | Royal Marina Phuket
Phuket Royal Marina

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