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Human interest around Surabaya - Kembara Jawa Timur Part VI

Boat silhouette during sunset

Sunset at New Kenjeran beach

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Kembara Jawa Timur Part VI - Human interest around Surabaya

This shall be the last entry that conclude my Kembara Jawa Timur series. As been told earlier, this series cover my recent photography trip to Jawa Timur which cover Bromo-Kawah Ijen-Surabaya. Surabaya is not actually part of our main itenary but it is more like a resting stop before boarding flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

In Surabaya, we cover certain area such as Kya Kya Kembang Jepun and the nearby Sunan Ampel Mosque,  Masjid Cheng Ho and also Kenjeran. The only place that i might want to repeat is Kenjeran as it is a traditional fishing village with the backdrop of Pulau Madura bridge with nearby pasar. I believe the human interest there would be fascinating to be captured and we could spend a full day there. Sunan Ampel Mosque definitely should be dropped from any photographer itenary as they didnt allow any picture to be taken there.

During our visit in Surabaya, we were accompanied by Ms Farida, a friend of Mas Kaboel, our guide. She is a very intelligent girl with a good knowledge of his city history and attraction. The most memorable part is when she explain the origin of Surabaya name (Sura = Shark , Baya = Crocodile) as it is believe in local myth that these two creatures once dwell and fought each other to gain the title of the strongest animal in the area.

An interesting observation is how cycling is part of daily lives here. I manage to capture a series of cyclist around surabaya.

Muslim cycling to Jumaat prayer, Jember, East Java

Jember Cyclist, East Java

Surabaya Cyclist, East Java


ps: while it has been a while since this trip ended, few picture that is relevant for this entry has yet been processed/published in my flickr (eg Cheng Ho mosque picture,ambang kya-kya,kenjeran). Whenever i manage to publish few more related picture this entry would be updated with it.

With these picture series i conclude my Bromo-Kawah Ijen-Surabaya trip series. Would really recommend both Bromo and Kawah Ijen as your destination. Bromo is an accessible tourist destination and Kawah Ijen is a bit hard to reach but not impossible. Both place is fantastic for any photographer that interested in landscape and also human interest. And of course i definitely recommend our humble guide, Mas Kaboel / Aruna Asa.

I'm planning to go back to Mt Bromo to scale Mt Semeru this October with few hiking friends, may God bless our journey. Ameen.

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