Monday, January 3, 2011

Dangerously abandoned, An Old Jetty in Portuegese Settlement, Ujong Pasir (Malacca Part 6a)

Old Jetty, Ujong Pasir, Malacca (Explored)

Its been a while since the last time i update this blog.. which is why i choose the title dangerously abandoned... when you leave it too long you might loose the drive or passion to update it.. hopefully it wont happen here.. :D ... got a lot of things to do in December and had to prioritize... now i'm queuing up few post for the next several days :D

For this post & few more i'll continue to cover several location in Malacca ... i had written five series on various location of Malacca previously [Part I - Limbongan, Bandar Hilir,Part II - Selat Mosque, Pulau Melaka,Part III - Al Azim Mosque, Solok, Bukit Peringgit,Part IV - Bachang, Batu Berendam,Part V - Pantai Pengkalan Balak, Masjid Tanah]

This is an amazing new found for photography heaven. Last Nov when I'm scouting around along the seashore of Malacca (yeah, thats the way i hunt for seaside location nowadays), i stumbled upon this old Jetty in Ujong Pasir. And then with Jasni (his result here)& Sofian Boe (his hdr result) we shoot this location during sunset. Since then i already repeated this place twice upon request by fellow photographer friend (2nd with Qamar and 3rd with ragstatic (i idolized this man's artpiece)from singapore) - his result here. Even though its already three time i've been here there are a lot of different subject, different composition and angle that you can try along this short seashore. I'll cut the blog entry to three part for this location :D

Here is the Jetty picture (both images (the top and the one below is explored by Flickr :D)
From Lisbon with love (Explored)

The Bridge to Lisbon
From the 2nd visit with Qamar

To reach this place, you just need to follow the direction to Ujong Pasir or St John Hill(just next to Bandar Hilir, southern part - if you shoot Selat Mosque before then its only few km apart, you can even see selat mosque from this area) and then follow the direction to Portuguese Settlement, you'll reach this area.

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  1. huyyoo...dangerous betul gambar2 nya. rachun berbisa jauh ke dalam dada...

  2. kat blah mane tmpat ni??please describe more..


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