Sunday, October 10, 2010

Khai Nui Island (Phuket Part III)

Phuket | Khai Nui Island
Rocky structure at one part of the Khai Nui island

Khai Nui island is the final  island we visit in the island hopping package.. An interesting pristine small island with white sandy beaches... with the colourful fishes follow until the edge of the sea... scrambling to get a bite of our bread ..

Phuket | Khai Nui Island
Crystal clear water along white sandy beaches

Phuket | Relaxing @ Khai Nui Island
You need to pay the rent for each seat... didnt remember the price though..

Phuket | Feeding fish @ Khai Nui Island
My family feeding the fish with bread.. my son became scared abit after awhile.. hehe

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