Friday, October 29, 2010

Mount Semeru (Part II) - Ranu Kumbulo to Kalimati

Mount Semeru (Part I) - Ranu Pane to Ranu Kumbulo
Mount Semeru (Part II) - Ranu Kumbulo to Kalimati post
Mount Semeru (Part III) - Kalimati post to Semeru Peak to Ranu Pane
Mount Semeru (Part IV) - Ranu Pane to Bromo

2nd day.. after few hours of photographing the tranquil Ranu Kumbulo, we start to trek toward Kalimati Post. Ranu Kumbulo to Kalimati just need around 3 hours of leisure trekking through a beautiful open savannah (45-60 minutes).. mythical pinus jungle  (1-1.5 hour) and edelweiss flower area (called jambangan edelweiss area) (45-60 minutes)

This trekking section is very mild and leisure as the kalimati post is only at 2700m and Ranu Kumbulo is already at around 2400m. Just an additional 300m of vertical height added through out 3 hours of trekking.

Tanjakan Cinta, en route to Kalimati (Mt Semeru)
In this picture hiker climbing Tanjakan Cinta, the starting point from Ranu Kumbulo towards Kalimati post. Maybe this is the only mildly streneous part en route to Kalimati from Ranu Kumbulo.

Savannah area (en route to Mount Semeru)
Immediately after Tanjakan Cinta, you will be presented by an open beautiful savannah. You will also able to see Mount Semeru at the backdrop. Seem near but require another 3 hours of leisure trekking.

Savannah area (en route to Mount Semeru)

Savannah (enroute to Mount Semeru)

Foggy Kalimati Post (en route to Mount Semeru)
Kalimati post which is often foggy. But when its clear you can see Mount Semeru peak clearly from post.

Kalimati  (2700m) is the common basecamp for people summitting to Mount Semeru. There is another alternatif higher camp called Arcapada (2900m) (sometime spelled/pronounced as Arcopodo) which is a basecamp within the final part of pinus jungle before the Peak but rarely the local porter would like to go there as there is no water point available there.  Within Kalimati there is a nearby waterpoint called sumbermani is is 20 minutes away from the post. Observing the porter (either from our team or other team, immediately after arriving at this post 2/3 would go to cut some firewood while another 1/3 would go fetch some water.

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  1. smart nye area lavender tuh :)

  2. area ranu kumbulo ngan savannah nie dekat jek as.. few hours of trekking yg santai..


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