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Mount Semeru (Part I) - Ranupani to Ranu Kumbulo

Mount Semeru (Part I) - Ranu Pane to Ranu Kumbulo
Mount Semeru (Part II) - Ranu Kumbulo to Kalimati post
Mount Semeru (Part III) - Kalimati post to Semeru Peak to Ranu Pane
Mount Semeru (Part IV) - Ranu Pane to Bromo

This is unplanned hiking expedition in 2010. What i mean by unplanned is the decision taken to hike is less than 3 month. The original plan by the original team is actually to go to Bromo and Kawah Idjen. But due to some poison.. they 'upgraded' their plan to hike semeru and later i join their expedition team..   What a wonderful experience.. For this expedition, Mas Huda aka Mas Kaboel is our guide assisted by his friend, Mas Candra and Mas Danang.

The first part of the expedition to Semeru is a 12km jungle trekking from Ranupani to Ranu Kumbulo. The path goes along the zigzag hill slope where the steepness is minor to moderate.  There is four hut erected along the way. The trekking duration is around 3-5 hours depending on your speed and resting time. (first hut is about 4km from the entrance.. 2nd hut is a mere 2km from the first hut..  the next is located at about 3km.. and the last hut is facing ranu kumbulo lake - this is only estimation)

Ranu kumbulo is a beautiful place with a medium large lake.  The place is surrounded by other high hill with a V shape at the east side. Located at a relatively high altitude of around 2390m, this area feature alpine like fauna. It is far more picturesque and beautiful if compared with the small lake of Ranu Pane and Ranu Regulo (blogged here during previous trip) at Ranupani Village.

Ranu Kumbulo is the common first camp site for hiker going to Mount Semeru. There is two small house available here which can be used by camper. We camped here. During the night, if the sky is clear.. you can enjoy seing the star.. if you want you can try to do startrail too here (which we did at around 1am until early morning.. :D)

Landscape of Ranu Kumbulo
The view of Ranu Kumbulo from the V shape entry point

Ranu Kumbulo
Side view of our camp site

Ranu Kumbulo, en route to Mount Semeru
Another side view of our campsite

Startrail @ Ranu Kumbulo (en route to Mount Semeru)
Startrail during the night.. taken for about an hour duration

Next day.. while preparing to go for the next destination (kalimati).. found a memorial for Andika Listyono Putra just before tanjakan cinta.. you can read more about him in the news link.. Every mountaineering expedition would involve some risk. What we can do is to minimize the risk. Saying that, after successfully scaled Semeru to the peak.. i would say that Mount Semeru is not an ordinary weekend mountain. You need to prepare yourself physically and be careful not to stray off the safe/correct path. Must always stay in a group especially between kalimati-peak area where you can easily get lost and might be fatally stranded in deep ravine.

In memory of Andika Listyono Putra
In memory of Andika Listyono Putra, may him rest in peace
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Ranu Kumbulo, en route to Mount Semeru
Another scenery of Ranu Kumbulo just before Tanjakan Cinta.. you can see the V shape clearly from here.. that is the entrance from ranupani direction

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