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Broga Hill, Semenyih - Land of Grass

"And the earth We have spread out (like a carpet); set thereon mountains firm and immovable; and produced therein all kinds of things in due balance."
[ Al Hijr verse 19]

Broga Hill is a love hate story for me. The first time i went there is the first hiking trip i join.  During that time, underestimate proved to be bad thing for first timer like me. I remember i bring my whole complete camera equipment up there. The total weight must be about 15kg (two camera body,  4 lenses, 3 flash,1 small umbrella,1 monopod, 1 tripod). While we start climbing in early morning, scores of people keep bypassing me include a group of elderly. What a shame. Hahahahaha.. (i remember swearing i wont repeat this madness again.. hehehehe)

But when you reached the top.. Everything is different... the beautiful land of grass is so majestic and peaceful.. Peak after peak (there is three major peak at Broga Hill),  you would simply admire this place. After the first trip i repeat this place for few times ( i think the total is 4 times). Once i went there during the weekday alone. Very calm and peaceful. But a major lesson learned is never bring your whole equipment on a hiking activity even thought its only a hill like Broga.

Here are some of the picture i'ved taken at Broga. I wish i have the opportunity to repeat hiking in Broga. The only thing stopping me is the distance (45 minutes from KL - Bukit Tabur is nearer!) and the crowd. Some how Broga's fame has grown quite high for the past year and crowd of people would be there every weekend making traffic jam on the single path. Some committee claimed to be representing the community even start charging for car park now (RM2) - which is quite ok for me as now there would be some people guarding around the parking area.

There is one bad memory at Broga, in one of the hiking to Broga led by me, one of our fellow hiker tear both his ligament accidentally. You can read about it here by Faiz Zaki. The incident is even featured in Harian Metro albeit with lots of factual errors. Accident can happen anywhere, even at Broga Hill where the slope & trekking path can be categorized as very safe. You need to exercise caution at all times and never take things lightly.

A friend of mine told that there is another small mountain beside Broga Hill called Gunung Tok Wan which is 3KM from the last peak of Broga. I definitely would repeat broga to visit this small mountain.

Here are some of the picture taken at Broga Hill from my several trips

Broga Hill | Syok sendiri part 5 (#22)
Me @ Broga

Broga Hill | Hill view (#9)
Land of Grass

Broga Hill 25 April 09 | Shikin
Ashikin Abdullah (visit her blog here)

Broga Hill 25 April 09 | SirMart kepancitan (IR)
Sir Mart exhausted after re-hike to bring ice & water for his injured niece (Visit his blog here)

Bukit Broga 25 April | Nature
Nature (IR)

Bukit Broga 18 April | Couple (IR)
Couple @ Broga (IR)

Broga Hill 18 April | Azli (IR)
Azli from top of Broga overseing Bandar Semenyih (IR)

Bukit Broga 18 April | Me (IR)
Me @ Broga (IR)

Broga Hill | The Tree (IR)
Entrance tree to Broga

How to get here - Broga Hill

Assuming you are coming from KL. Find the Kajang-Cheras Expressway. You will need to pay two tolls (as now - 2010 the toll stand at RM1 and RM0.90 ). Just follow the highway until you find Semenyih exit. Exit towards semenyih (left) - see google earth picture below. After few kilometers you will reach Semenyih Town.

From here you should go straight,
- you will bypass a BhP petrol station on your left,
- then a T-junction with traffic light ,go straight - immediately after the junction you can see Semenyih Police station on the your left and Semenyih Mosque on your right
-go straight until you see a petronas on your right, immediately after the petronas there is a T junction with signboard stating left is for Nottingham University & Broga. Take left here. (refer to the google earth picture below)

 - from there you just proceed until you see nottingham university on your left, go further ahead until you reach palm oil plantation (here the road would be reduced from 4 lane into two lane only). Here find an entrance road to the palm oil plantation on your left. If you came during weekend normally there would be other car parked there already.
- park you car there and just follow the trail into the palm oil plantation
- at one point the trail break into a Y junction. The left trail  heading further to somewhere while the right one heading upwards. Take the right one. And just follow the trail onward.
- you will reach your destination in between 30-50 minutes depending on your speed, stamina & how long you need to queue :D

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