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Mount Bromo from Mount Penanjakan - Kembara Jawa Timur Part I

A villager carrying grass with Mt Bromo as background (IR)
A villager carrying grass with Mt Bromo, Mt Semeru & Mt Batuk as background (IR)

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In early April 2010 I join the Luarbiasa expedition to Jawa Timur. Our main destination is Bromo and also Kawah Ijen. I have always wanted to go to Kawah Ijen since i saw interesting human interest picture taken by a fellow fren Arey.

Surabaya Coastal (IR)Our journey started from Surabaya. After landing we being picked up by our loyal yet humble & honest guide, Mas Kaboel aka Aruna Asa. Our first stop is Ibu Nuraini restaurant at Sedati, Surabaya (nearby the airport). My fellow friend had some fond memories of this restaurant since it is among the main pitstop whenever they visit Jawa Timur. The main popular dish in this restaurant is its Rujak Cingur (dish make from cow nose). After booking hotel at a nearby hotel for our stay later, we went straight to Bromo. The journey is quite a long one taking about 6 hours (if not mistaken).

Since we charted a mini bus (it was only 9 of us.. yet we charted this mini bus for comfort) , we need to change the bus midway as the bus cant go further through the steep road. We check in to a posh hotel Cemara Indah Hotel in Cemoro Lawang. It was among the most expensive hotel within the area (300,000 rupiah per room per night) but it is well worth it as it located just beside the crater overlooking Mt Bromo,Mt Semeru and Mt Batuk.

Rujak Cingur Ibu Nur Aini, Surabaya
Ibu Nuraini preparing the rujak cingur herself

After arriving, we had only few hours to sleep as we need to start the journey to Mount penanjakan at 3:30 am. Mount Penanjakan is the main view point of Bromo. At 2770m, it provide excellent view of Bromo, Semeru and Batuk. The jeep bring us very near to its view point location. Just need to hike the cement staircase for 15 minutes and you'll reach the view point.

Mount Bromo is a very popular tourist destination in indonesia. The mountain is located witin the Bromo-Semeru-Tengger National Park. Bromo & Semeru is one of several mountain within this park and Tengger is the people tribe that exhibit this land. Some of the main mountain include
-Mount Bromo (2392m)
-Mount Semeru (3676m)
-Mount Batuk (height not sure but similar height to Bromo)
-Mount Penanjakan (2770m) - the main view point of Mt Bromo

Some of the pictures taken while we were in Mount Penanjakan

Mt Bromo, Mt Semeru & Mt Batuk during sunrise from Mt Penanjakan (IR)
Mt Bromo, Mt Semeru & Mt Batuk during sunrise from Mt Penanjakan (IR)
Mt Bromo, Mt Semeru & Mt Batuk during sunrise from Mt Penanjakan (IR)

Mas Kaboel
Our humble guide, Mas Kaboel pointing to Mt Bromo from Mt Penanjakan during the sunrise

Bromo in B&W
Bromo in B&W

EXPAT 2010 (IR)
Group photo at Bromo (IR)

After spending few hours at Mount Penanjakan , we proceed to Mount Bromo itself. I'll continue this entry in second part of Bromo.

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