Monday, August 30, 2010

From Kalianyar Village to Papuma beach - Kembara Jawa Timur Part V

Belawan Waterfall, Kalianyar Village, Sempol,Bondowoso, Jawa Timur
Belawan Waterfall

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Immediately after returning from Kawah Ijen, we rest at our guest house Catimor Homestay. In the evening some of us wander around the village looking for photography subject. An interesting observation is how all the kids love to play badminton and their idol is Taufik Hidayat. No wonder Indonesia able to produce world champion for every generation. If every kid in every village in indonesia strive to follow taufik's example definitely whey will find another world champion soon or later.

School kids of Blawan, Sempol, Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia
Camera friendly kids in their school uniform

The kids also would shout about Upin Ipin whenever they know where we came from. Betul betul betul became their favourite quote in communicating with us.

In the morning afterward majority of us went to a Belawan Waterfall. Initially we though the waterfall is another waterfall that we found in the brochure which is very scenic. This waterfall is perhaps just a big waterfall gushing from a very high place 30-40m down.

B&W Portraiture
A portraiture of an elder in the village

Kalianyar Village, Sempol, Bondowoso doesnt have many thing to offer for a landscape photographer like us. Apart from the camera friendly kids to the oldies in the village,they also has a natural hot water pool. Adventurous photographer might explore their coffee plantation but its off season now. When it is their harvesting season their activity would be interesting to be photographed. I interested to scout the waterfall that is featured in the homestay brochure, perhaps next time.

Papuma Fisherman, Jember, East Java, Indonesia
Some fisherman doing routine maintenance work with their boat

After breakfast, we continue our journey to Papuma Beach. Papuma beach is scenic cape located at the tip of Jember. It house the traditional fisherman village. We were told that the fisherman here normally set out early in the morning before sunrise.Here you able to catch both sunrise and sunset. However we didnt wait for either and proceed to Surabaya.

Papuma Beach, Jember, East Java, Indonesia
Panorama of Papuma Beach

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  1. Macam tak puas hati aje tak dapat shoot sunset? he he he Sorry ek...

  2. hahahha... tade hal lah... :D

    kat papuma nie tade tarikan fotografi yg mencukupi utk penuhi aktiviti sementara menunggu sunset... ade warong ajer.. sib baik sate kupangnya sedap :D


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