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Mount Bromo & Ranupani Village - Kembara Jawa Timur Part II

Savannah @ Bromo
A scenery OTW to Ranupani Village, we'll be back for Mt Semeru :D

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After spending a few hours at Mt Penanjakan (until every tourist gone back already), we went straight to Mount Bromo area. The jeep stop a about 500m distance from the crater and then we continue on foot. Some of us opted for horse riding towards the crater.

One thing that our authority should learn from them is how their local government distribute the wealth of tourism.The villager provide the accommodation, built some stall/warung for breakfast & lunch. Others provide the transport (jeep) from the accommodation to the Mt Penanjakan & Mt Bromo .. and then at Mt Bromo the jeep can only send to a certain distance only so villager with horse can provide horse riding services... everyone get a share of the cake..

In Malaysia how they do it? They simply privatised everything (accommodation,food catering, local guide & even porter) (read: MONOPOLY) to a single company that will dictate exorbitant price making local hiking far more expensive than oversea hiking.

Upon reaching the crater, instead of hiking the Mt Bromo crater, i with Jasni decided to venture to another part of the area. We scout the canyon like area between Bromo & Batuk. After spending around an hour in Mt Bromo area, we proceed to Ranupani Village. Ranupani village is the highest village in East Jawa. Residing at 2100m, it is the starting point to hike Mt Semeru. I always dream of hiking Mt Semeru but this hiking trip is simply not for beginner. We were told that hiking Mount Semeru is among the toughest hike compared to other more famous volcano mountain in Indonesia. Well, next year we target to hike Mt Merbabu (& most probabily Mount Merapi as well) followed by Mount Jade in Taiwan and then a repeat of Mount Rinjani. If all successful then can start thinking of Semeru hike in 2012 maybe. :D

Bromo Canyon (IR B&W)
The canyon like area between Mount Bromo and Mount Batuk

Bromo Horse Rider
Horse rider at Bromo

Misty morning at Ranupani Lake
Ranu Ranupani Lake

Ranupani Lake (IR)
Regulo Lake

Ranupani is just an ordinary village. Located strategically at 2100m above sea level provide it with agriculture advantage coupled with its fertile land. There is two small lake here, name Ranu Ranupani and Regulo. Both are just an ordinary lake. Unlike Ranu Kumbulo Lake which is really beautiful with majestic scenery. I take this opportunity to snap some macro picture here.

Crab spider @ Ranupani Village, Mt Semeru
Unknown insect @ Ranupani Village, Mt Semeru
Spider @ Ranupani Village, Mt SemeruUnknown bug (spill bug?)@ Ranupani Village, Mt Semeru

Ranupani Boy, Mt Semeru
Ranupani village boy, every boy bring sabit with them as they need to cut grass to feed their livestock

Before going home, we ate lunch at one of the houses in the village then proceed back to our hotel. I promised myself this would not be the last visit to Ranupani village, but we'll return to conquer Mount Semeru later... insyaAllah.

Our Bromo Jeep
The Bromo jeep

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