Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fishing village, Pantai Kundur (Pantai Puteri), Malacca

Sunset @ Fishing Village, Pantai Kundur, Malacca
Fisherman boat & vessel along the Pantai Kundur shoreline

Located along the shore of Pantai Kundur is a tranquil & peacefull fishing village, approximately 17 km from Malacca Town. You can observed how belacan is make here. Not far from Pantai Kundur is the petroleum refining industry facility owned by Petronas. The petronas jetty is prominently part of the sea landscape in Pantai Kundur. People of Malacca still remember how penny compensation was given to those who had to relocate in Tangga Batu to make way for that development (RM5/sq feet?). There were rumours that the larger budget meant for them were embezzled before reaching the intended receipient.

I fondly remember Pantai Kundur as my scout camping and training place during primary school. I remember camped there twice while i'm in Darjah 4 & 6 (think so) learning tying ropes, basic cooking, and singing scout song and even song from neighbouring countries (because there are participants from neighbouring countries). Today's parents overprotective of their children and teens . Even PLKN scared the hell out of them.. But saying so, i also not so sure whether i will accord my son/daughter the same privilege... let see.. we'll cross that bridge when we come to it..
Sunset @ Pantai Kundur (Pantai Puteri), Malacca
Dead tree by the shoreline
Pantai Puteri is a new name given to enhance the 'commercial value' of this beautiful beach. Good place such as this serene and tranquil beach doesnt need new name with no historical/local value. Might as well you rename all places such as Tanjung Keling.. Pantai Klebang.. Pantai Pengkalan Balak.. or even Melaka! (Last time i heard the ADUN is still ADUN Kundur.. not ADUN Puteri) ..

Sorry for being a bit emotional or even sarcastic but our leader need to learn how to preserve our heritage.. not replace it with fake identity.. we lost too many of it already..

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  1. salam emran

    alhamdulillah, mcm biasa foto yang u ambil cantik dan sentiasa menenangkan jiwa dan memberi inspirasi

    ni tgh survey nikkor lens 18-200 , harga yg ditawarkan lebih kurang 2650 (harga pembekal)
    ok tak ultra lens ni ?

  2. mekaseh pak itam... hehhehe..

    saya kurang pasti tentang harganya sebab saya kurang arif tentang pricing barang nikon.. tapi 18-200mm memang lensa yang saya rasa sesuai sangat utk pak itam.. sbb pak itam banyak travel kan.. 18-200mm boleh cover hampir semua...

    kalau butuhnya semua.. 18-200mm.. kalau butuhkan kualiti.. nothing beat prime lens (eg 50mm, 85mm) tapi mana sempat kita nak tukar lens.. nanti moment terlepas pula... hehhe..

    mekaseh visit yek pak itam.. nanti saya kunjung balas..

  3. Salam saudara,

    Can you hit me via email? Need to PM something...


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