Monday, January 17, 2011

Redang Island, Terengganu

Exquisite (Explored)
Learning to capture long exposure seascape photography

Few months ago had the opportunity to visit Redang for a workshop organized by my faculty. During our stay, we stay at Redang Holiday Beach Villa. To be honest, if it is for leisure or family then it would be a good place, but for workshop environment .. the place is not suitable at all..  no suitable conference/meeting room.. no suitable equipment... nothing at all..  but we adjust a long the way and manage to proceed with our objective successfully..

The beach that we were facing is towards the east so only sunrise can be observe from our place. Sunrise only appear on our first morning and then it hide the next day. :D

Here are some of the picture taken during my visit there

The view from one of the chalet hut. simply beautiful

For some, this construction barge spoiled the sandy beach view .. For me.. its a subject :D
Redang Island is definitely a beautiful island with unlimited possibility for seascape. I hope i would able to repeat this location with more flexibility (not for workshop/working) and hopefully the weather would be more nicer then  .. since our visit is exactly before just before the monsoon season it keep raining especially during sunrise/sunset (even half of the resort along the beach is already close down for monsoon break)

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  1. salam


    long exp tu pakai tripod tongkat satu ke atau tongkat 3 atau tongkat tangan hehehe

  2. maaf lewat response.. tak perasan ada komen.. hehehhe...

    long exposure wajib pakai tipod tongkat 3.. kalau tade tripod tongkat 3 tue payah sangat nak amek gambar long exposure.. terpaksa bergantung harap kepada alam... letak atas batu ker (jadi batupod).. kayu kayan ker (kayupod).. ;D


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