Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ujung Pasir Revisit : Malacca Part 6b

2011 New Year Eve [1/365]
New Year Eve - found a couple of bottle dumped along the shoreline and decided to make a composition of them

This part is a continuity from previous part which i describe about an abandoned jetty found in Portuguese Settlement in Ujong Pasir. Since then I've been receiving inquiry on how to reach the jetty by fellow photographer which i happily respond.

Apart from the jetty, the area next to it is also picture worthy. During low tide you'll be able to reach a lonely tree area about 50m from the shoreline. During high tide these area would be submerged under the water but it is still a great landscape to shoot. Just need to find a good angle and composition, then shoot!

The picture below even manage to hit Flickr Explore front page briefly. Flickr Explore is only a feature by flickr to select the 500 most interesting picture on a daily basis from all uploads around the world. Few of it would make it to the front page during that day. This is my second explore front page i get (the first one is in 2009 for the earth hour picture - here it is)

Afterglow @ Ujong Pasir, Malacca [2/365] (Explored FrontPage)
The final afterglow of 2010

Aiming  [3.1/365]
The final light of 2011

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