Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swimming with the kelah at Air Terjun Sg Chilling, Kuala Kubu Bharu

Arey @ Chilling Waterfall
Arey @ Chilling Waterfall

emran, arey & butet

Kelah (Malaysian Red Mahseer) is one of Malaysia’s precious ecological heritage. This fish is unique to our region. Chilling River is one of the Kelah Sanctuary which is near to the Klang Valley. For an hour of journey from Kuala Lumpur would drive you to the entrance of this sanctuary. No need to go to deeper forest such as the Endau-Rompin National Park to enjoy swimming with this fish.

Don Buttet dengan puluhan kelah 'peliharaannya'
Buttet swimming with the Kelah

Another attraction here is the Chilling Waterfall. The waterfall height is about 60m height which would dwarfed any human being. The journey itself is very rewarding. As we trek along the river, we need to cross the river for a total of six times. The first crossing is via a suspension bridge. But you'll get yourself wet for the other crossing. At some crossing the water height is at your half thigh level so you need to be very careful with your camera equipment (if you bring any). Bringing a small child is possible but you should always be extra careful. You should also always alert for "kepala air" sign as the were cases in the past that some camper were drowned due to this nature phenomenon here. (normal tips is never trek whenever you suspect there is heavy raining at upstream(hulu) of the river, watch the sky).

Chilling Waterfall (IR)
Chilling Waterfall in IR spectrum

How to get here - Chilling River Waterfall, KKB

Drive to Kuala Kubu Bharu town. From there go towards Fraser Hill. You will drive by the dam side. After about 15 minutes, you will pass an old small bridge (folks at KKB called it as 'jambatan kombat') at a corner bend, immediately after this bridge you can park your vehicle on the left side. The entrance to the Sungai Chilling Kelah Sanctuary is on the right clearly stated with a gate. You need to trek for about 10 minutes to reach the Chalet/Office compound. Register there (pay RM1 fee) and you can proceed to the waterfall afterwards. (The ranger office only open at 8:30am - a total letdown for those who wish to arrive early and take slow shutter picture especially during weekend where you want to avoid the crowd to get a good picture)Map board available at the compound if you need to get yourself familiar with the trek first. From here you will need about an hour to reach the waterfall.

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