Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Discovering Kemensah Waterfall, Kg Kemensah

Kemensah Waterfall | Waterfall with ray of light

Kemensah Waterfall is my first photography outing that require me to trek a bit before reaching it. And that time i'll never guess that later it would be the most easiest one compared to other remote/high places that i went for my hobby.

The waterfall's name is not Kemensah. We named it as Kemensah as the nearest village is Kampung Kemensah. A local people once told me its real name but i forgot it. I'll update this blog entry later when i found out its real name.

After a mere 45 brisk walking through ATV road, passing through bamboo jungle you will reach the first waterfall. If you hike further up the stream, there is a lot more waterfall to be found. I remember hiking until 6th level (and few fren went for the 7th level).

I already went to this waterfall for three times. At one occasion we manage to catch a very good ray of light at this waterfall. Really miss this waterfall and hope to repeat visiting it with fellow friends.

Kemensah Waterfall | Waterfall with ray of light low angle

Kemensah Waterfall | Water Stream

Some macro photos from this location

Kemensah Waterfall | Spider - ID needed (2:1 FF)

Kemensah Waterfall | Spider - ID needed (2:1 FF)

Kemensah Waterfall | Super tiny weevil (5:1 FF)

Kemensah Waterfall | Tiny spider with a parasit (fly larva?) (5:1 FF then cropped)

How to get here - Kemensah Waterfall

Find your way to Zoo Negara. Follow the road by the Zoo Negara side. After few kilometers you will reach Kampung Kemensah,drive straight. After the village area the road will be a bit windy You will pass the fishing pond (on your left) and a chalet on your left.(Do not turn left at the Kolam Memancing Junction). After few kilometers you will pass another fish pond (on your left) and then you will found an entrance to a construction site on your right. At your left is the starting trail to this waterfall. The trail is also used by the ATV operator so it is wide enough for a small ATV.

Safety Note
Please take note that the place at the start of the trail doesn't seem safe to park your vehicle (since it is deep inside and out of nowhere) but that is your only choice if you want to start track immediately. Alternatively you might park your cark at the Chalet (pay RM2) and then walk for few kilometers to the starting trail.

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