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Excursion to Gunung Cantik, Cameron Highland,

Gunung Cantik (1802m)  is one of the smaller peak available around Cameron Highland. Less famous than most of its cousin, Gunung Cantik is located within the tea plantation of Boh Plantation between Ringlet & Tanah Rata (not the Sungai Palas plantation). The starting point is immediately behind Boh Tea Factory there.

Gunung Cantik line-up
Emran, Ainun & Moorali

The excursion to Gunung Cantik seem easier than what i predicted (thank god.. heheh) .. the starting point at around 1400m definitely help a lot.. :D the 'highway' along the tea plantation.. the view along the way (Boh tea plantation) was very breathtaking.... Moorali & ainun (my SIL) join my trip to this mountain..

Credit to john for giving a brief guide on how to reach this peak.

Some pictures taken during this excursion

Strawberry Tea
Strawberry Tea (IR)

Moorali @ Boh Plantation
Moorali @ Boh Plantation

Harvesting & filtering twig from tea leaves
The tea plantation worker in this picture is Aryadi from Lombok Timur. He's checking the tea leaves he harvested earlier to ensure there is no twig (ranting) inside them.

Hiking Gunung Cantik - Pano
Panorama picture

Along the trail of Gunung Cantik - Pano
As you can see within the picture.. 80% of the trail are this kind of trail... trail used by plantation tractor.. 'highway trail'... very relax..

Young tea leaves
Young Tea Leaves

More picture here

How to get here - Gunung Cantik,Cameron Highland

If you know Boh Tea Factory, the starting point is immediately behind it.

If you coming from Tanah Rata (this would be your starting point if you are using the new Simpang Pulai-Cameron Highland highway) - Just go towards Ringlet. Immediately after the HABU power station,there would a small junction on your left (there are supposed to be a signboard indicating Boh Tea Factory / Boh Estate Teahouse and also Honey Bee Farm. That is the correct junction.

If you coming from Tapah (this would be your starting point if you are using the old Tapah-Cameron Highland road) - Just go towards Tanah Rata after Ringlet. Keep an eye to a small junction on your right. If you reach Habu Power Station then you already missed the junction.

Follow this windy road until you reach the Tea House (beware, the road is small and mostly can only accomodate one vehicle, use you horn to alert coming vehicle). The starting point is immediately behind the factory. The road is actually road used by plantation vehicle.

You will also found a small stream along the way. (Never drink any water as this stream is within a plantation area.. sure lots of toxic pesticides inside the water)

Just follow this path until the end. At the end of this road there would be small path going towards a small secondary forest. That is where the peak is. There is two peak here. One is Cantik peak and another Cantuk/Centuk? peak. I'm not sure which one is Cantik and which one is Centuk/Cantuk?.

There is nothing special about the peak. The breathtaking view along the way up/down is the one that you will treasure.

MNS has a basic Chalet 2KM from the Boh Tea factory and it would be an ideal accomodation if you target to hike Gunung Cantik/Centuk.

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