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Immersing Air Terjun Pelangi (Rainbow Waterfall), Sungai Lembing, Kuantan

Air Terjun Pelangi (rainbow waterfall) is located near Sungai Lembing Town, Kuantan. Called by the local as Air Terjun 500 (because the fall is estimated at 500f height), it is a very beautiful waterfall with the unique rainbow will always appear around 9-11am every day as the mist produced from the fall would refract the morning light

In this trip on 28th Feb 2010, a total of 31 comrades from Luarbiasa Photography group went to camp and hike to Rainbow Waterfall. The outing were combined with a one day Photography Seminar (sponsored by NIKON) at UIAM Kuantan where majority of the comrades also doubled as the facilitator during the practical session.

Roughly our 2D1N itenary is as follows

5:00 pm - IIUM Photoseminar ended. All comrades start preparing for the camping & start moving towards Sungai Lembing Town
6:45 pm - Convoi reached Sungai Lembing town (once famous with tin mining). 4wd & modified hilux (so it can accomodate 12 passenger) already waiting for us. Parked in front of the Sungai Lembing Police Station. The road towards Air Terjun Pelangi is immediately in front of the Police Station.
7:00 PM - convoy (consist of 2 4WD, 1 hilux, 1 storm, 1 pickup lorry & 2 kembara) started the off road journey towards Air Terjun Pelangi camp site.
8:20 PM - reached the camp site. Performed the maghrib prayer then setup camp
9:00 pm - While waiting for the lamb to be fully roasted, few fellow comrades start to immerse under the river by our camp site. It is indeed refreshing and surprisingly the water is not too cool at all. Some even immerse until 1am before sleeping.
11:00 pm - Dinner time with roasted lamb.
12:00 pm - Majority started to sleep for tomorrow's adventure

5:00 am - a cafe opened by Wanoridz & uDa. Breakfast consist of scrambled egg,lamb roast & australian cheese served.
6:00 am - subuh prayer
7:30 am - start trekking to Air Terjun Pelangi. The trekking is mild with few hill to climb and we trek along a river most of the time. At first everyone need to pass through a river around thigh level (those with camera bag at waist level need to be very careful at this first river crossing,later were told that normally the water is around waist level but during our visit it was draught season a bit..)
8:30 am - after an hour trekking journey we finally reach the base.. some already starting taking photograph level by level until reaching the raiwbow waterfall. But since it was draught season, the mist produced by the waterfall is so little and only a few rainbow appear for a while during our stay there.

10:30 am - start to trek back to our camping area.
11:30 am - preparing for our journey to go home
12:00 am - start convoying to Sungai Lembing Town
1:15 pm - reached Sungai Lembing Town.
1:30 pm - have a quick lunch at one of the roadside restaurant and after that everyone start their journey to go home after 2D1N adventure.

We definitely would repeat Air Terjun Pelangi. I'm hoping to hike Gunung Tapis as well.

Some of the pictures from Air Terjun Pelangi Trip

Air Terjun Pelangi, Sungai Lembing, Kuantan
The waterfall (draught season = smaller fall)

A small consolation rainbow for our trip

Perhimpunan Teta Luarbiasa
Immersion ceremony

Smaller stream/waterfall along the way

HOW TO GET HERE - Air Terjun Pelangi

If from KL - Use the Karak Highway towards Kuantan direction. Before Kuantan there will be signboard indicating Sungai Lembing exit. Exit there and follow the sign towards Sungai Lembing.

If from Pantai Timur - Just go to Kuantan and from Kuantan there should be ample sign indicating Sungai Lembing direction(if you didnt find any sign go to Indera Mahkota area, west side of Kuantan).

When you reach Sungai Lembing town, find the police station at your left side. The police station should be immediately found at the entrance of the town. Immediately infront of the police station there is a junction. That is the junction toward Air Terjun Pelangi. It is not advisable to go on your own if you never been there as there will be few junction without signboard along the way. Your vehicle must also suitable for offroad drive (from the Sg Lembing town-Air Terjun Pelangi journey) and be prepared for loads of scratches.

After about an hour plus, you will reach an open area by the river. Here is where the first crossing (trekking). You can camp here or at another place further up a bit from here.

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  1. nice pix.. beautiful photos .. so if the want to Gunung Tapis? at the top of the mountain there is a natural bonzai trees .. crystals .. and a beautiful bonzai garden .. If you are interested .. My child's identity in the river spear .. I've two times to go ..

  2. Hi, boleh share tak contact guide yang boleh guide hiking ke lata pelangi? Nak pergi tapi masih tak jumpa guide yang ada pengalaman ke sini. Terima kasih


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