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Tarabunga Beach, Balige, Danau Toba (Part II)

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Morning at Pantai Tarabunga, Balige, Danau Toba
Some IR manipulation

We spent our first night in Villa Teluk Bunga, part of Hotel Tiara Bunga complex located at Tarabunga Beach not far from Balige, Danau Toba. This place is isolated and can only be reached by using chartered boat from the jetty at Hotel Herti, Balige - there is no land access unless you willing to walk on foot for 2-3 hours.

Balige, the nearest town to this place is the capital of Tobasamosir regency. Located at southern of Danau Toba

The room is priced from around 350,000 until 1.5 million rupiah. Relatively expensive but worth it. We stay at the 700,000 rupiah/night room but thanks to Pak Sebastian (fellow photographer from Balige) we managed to get quite a hefty discount for both room and boat rates.

After fajr prayer, we proceed to the east side to capture sunset. Slightly disappointed as it is a bit cloudy and the sunrise glow is minimal but that is part and parcel of being landscape photographer. You can only photograph what is given to you and try to make the best out of it.

Some of the picture taken here

Panoramic shot, Teluk Bunga, Danau Toba
Panoramic shot... combined in photoshop using the photomerge function

Sunrise at Pantai Tarabunga, Balige, Danau Toba
Boat & sunrise

Hotel Tiara Bunga, Balige, Danau Toba

If you interested to stay at this hotel, check this link (if its broken.. check the domain url)

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