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Huta Ginjang, Tapanuli Utara , Danau Toba (Part IV)

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Tao Toba view from Huta Ginjang
View from Huta Ginjang

Huta Ginjang at the height of 1600m above sea level is located at Kecamatan Muara Taput, Kabupaten Tapanuli Utara. It is only 38km from the city of Tarutung and the small Bandara Silangit airport is located nearby at 12km distance.

Huta Ginjang view screenshot from Google Earth

Huta Ginjang is famous for its panoramic view of Lake Toba. From Huta Ginjang you can enjoy viewing the Muara, Sibandang Island and also some paddy field from atop. Huta Ginjang is also famous for paragliding sport. Here is where the local play this sport (locally known as paralayang or gantole). The player would take off from Huta Ginjang and normally landed at Desa Aritonang.

Here are some of the picture taken here.

EXPAT Danau Toba Selatan 2010
The EXPAT photographer minus me

Tao Toba view from Huta Ginjang
Taken from under the paragliding take off platform

Warung at Huta Ginjang
Still not yet open, a stall at Huta Ginjang

Kecamatan - district
Kabupaten - regency
Desa - Village
Huta - Village/place
Bandara - airport (acronym of bandar udara..literally translated as air city)

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