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Tele, near Pangururan, Danau Toba (Part VI)

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Sunrise of Danau Toba from Tele
Sunrise view from Tele

Tele, located near to Pangururan, Lake Toba has the best of both world, sunset & sunrise. From here you would able to sea the sun rise from behind lake toba and able to see the sun set towards the mountain area behind the Pusuk Buhit volcano. At the height of around 1500m above sea level, it is quite cold here especially during the night (and its very windy also!).

Due to its strategic location, the local goverment has build a 4 level view tower here (gardu pandang) . Each level has their room which is suitable for taking shelter. It is also possible to sleep there (bring your own bedding) especially if you want to catch the sunrise. There is also a stall nearby where you can order hot meal and hot drinks and chat with your friend.

View of Tao Toba from Tele by Google Earth

The only major disadvantage to this place is that the road towards Pangururan (nearest city at Samosir Island) is in a very bad condition. The road condition seem to suit only for a 4WD type of vehicle and it is very prone to landslide. The view of fallen big boulders siding by the road is very scary and make you wish that the journey would be safe along the way. There is even an instance where because a landslide has yet to be cleared, so all vehicle will go over the landslide to get pass through!

Some of the picture taken here

Tele Tower (Gardu Pandang of Tele), Danau Toba
The Tower at Tele

Corner at Tele, Danau Toba
The sharp corner at Tele. To the left is the stall.

Sunset at Tele - Panorama, Danau Toba
Sunset view from Tele. You can also see the Pusuk Buhit volcano mountain not far from here.

View from Tele, Danau Toba
Beautiful hilly side fronting Lake Toba

Gardu - post , shelter
Pandang - view
Gardu pandang - post or station for view, tower view, etc
Tao Toba - Lake Toba
Huta - traditional village / village / place
Dolok - hill
Aek - water

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