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Alam Bakara , Danau Toba (Part V)

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Bakkara (Bakara) Valley
Bakkara Valley

Alam Bakara (Bakkara) is where the history of Batak people started. The valley is located at Kecamatan Baktiraja, Kabupaten Humbang Hasundutan, Sumatera Utara. This fertile land offer a very beautiful panoramic view of a valley with the Lake Toba. There is two river which run through this valley and can be seen from afar which is Aek Silang and Aek Simangira.

Alam Bakkara view screenshot from Google Earth

It would be very interesting when you read the about the history of Sisingamangaraja and its culture. For example, the first king is born in Tombak Sulu-sulu. He initially build his palace at Onan Lombu before moving it upstream to Lumbanraja (now called as Simamora).  Now there is a palace complex rebuild by the goverment located at Simamora. Visitor to Bakkara would not miss it as you will find it to your right at the start of the valley.

A Batak king would also has the ability to call rain whenever necessary. This ability is also the prerequisite for his successor therefore the king position would not automatically goes to the eldest son. There is an instance where a 10 years old nominated as the king due to his ability to call the rain (Ompu Sohahuaon - King Sisingamangaraja XI). There is also written in history about an administrative king being replaced by his younger brother due to this prerequisite as the current king failed to call the rain during draught season (Raja Parlopuk replaced by Ompu Pulo Batu - King Singamangaraja XII).

Another interesting fact is there is no tomb for the first nine King of Batak people as whenever they have a successor they would go travelling and never come back.

Here as some of the picture taken from his historical place

Deretan Pinus @ Bakkara (Bakara)
Lining of pinus tree along the windy road towards Bakkara Valley

Farmer at Bakkara (Bakara) Valley
Farmer at Bakkara Valley

Siraja Oloan Monument. Located in front of Sisingamangaraja historical palace at Desa Simamora, Bakkara, Danau Toba
Siraja Oloan monument beside the Sisingamangaraja Palace complex

Villager of Bakkara, Danau Toba
Villager of Bakkara

Note: All picture is taken either using Visible IR or Goldie IR camera. IR camera is a modified camera which allow a different spectrum of light towards the camera sensor resulting in different picture from normal camera. Why there is no normal picture? Because i didnt have my normal camera during this trip - its being repaired for shutter problem at that time. :)

Kecamatan - district
Kabupaten - regency
Desa - Village
Huta - Village/place
Aek - Water

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