Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hidden Gem of Port Dickson, Marina Bay at Avillion Admiral Cove

Marina Bay, Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson (Visible IR)
The marina with fisheye effect

Between 25-27th June 2010, me & my family went to this place called Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson for my faculty family day. It was love at first sight. The place is amazing. The hotel wing just recently opened in April. One of the main feature of this place is the boat marina bay. The hotel is located beside a human made bay which made the sea water as calm as millpond. You dont need ND400 to get the millpond effect. Just put your aperture at F22 will be enough (not at noon of course). This place is a hidden gem of Port Dickson and i'm sure this place will attract a lot of photographer in the future.

Admiral Cove Marina Bay from google earth

Just a quick note. At the lower deck, the guard seem not so friendly towards photographer. It will be fine if you want to take your memory picture (or your fren/spouse/son) together with the marina but they didnt allow you to take the marina alone (eg take the bay view only without you in the picture is not allowed). They explain they were just following orders. A weird one of course. Maybe they dont want paparazzi shooting VIP in the luxury boat maybe? hahaha. Dont know. But hey... as long they didnt bother us at other place it should be ok. Just pity i wont be able to capture lower angle or silhoutte of the boats in the marina during sunset. (Thats why i only has a high angle picture only of the marina during sunset).

If you want to go to this place, just follow the Port Dickson highway from seremban. Go until the end of the highway (until you find the round about - dont follow the earlier port dickson sign). At the round about, take 3 o'clock. After a while you will see Port Dickson Hospital at your right. Not far from the hospital (few hundred metres only) you will see the hotel sign at a junction to the left. Follow this road and you will reach the hotel.

Now picture from this place (All picture is taken either using Visible IR camera or Goldie IR camera as my normal camera is still under service at Canon Service Centre)

Sunset (after glow) at Admiral Cove bay, Port Dickson
Afterglow sunset

Boat , Port Dickson
Boat at the beach

Port Dickson beach
The beach

Matahari ship, Admiral Cove, Port Dickson
Matahari ship

My son
My son at the swimming pool

Kid's swimming pool facing the sea, Admiral Cove, Port Dickson
The kids swimming pool, facing the sea

Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson (Visible IR)
Some view

Sunset at Admiral Cove bay, Port Dickson

Sunset at Admiral Cove bay, Port Dickson


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