Monday, July 26, 2010

Putrajaya Lake @ Precint 6 - From marinas to boating and the lakeshore landscapes

From 9th July till 11th July 2010 i went to Putrajaya Lake at Precint 6. The reason is to capture the Putrajaya Sailing Week competition which feature sailing boat. Previously I didnt know that there is a complete and modern marina facilities available at Putrajaya Lake which include a great grand stand facing the lake. The hotel by the lakeside (Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel) complement the world class facility. I would credit such gigantic achievement to the visionary Tun Mahathir, who without his guidance i dont think this would be a reality. At the sametime i also ponder whether Malaysian is ready to utilize such facilities. Kuala Kedah Yacht Marina is a fine example of a failed marina which became another joke for the local community. However another new marina Avillion Admiral Cove Marina at Port Dickson seem to be doing fine. I'm hoping to visit another marina at Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya, Johor Darul Takzim.

Therefore to avoid this location became another white elephant they simply must promote the place especially by organizing several event in a year. Event such as this regatta would help them to achieve that (other event include dragon boat, watersport, waterski, etc). This regatta is organized by Kelab Tasik Putrajaya with Putrajaya Corporation under the auspices of the Malaysian Yachting Association (MYA). This is the 3rd year they run this event.

The scenery around the Putrajaya Lake is beautiful complemented with modern buildings & facilities. So this entry would include the landscape around the lake and also some picture from the sailing competition. Hope you'll like it... Enjoy..

Putrajaya Lake marina bay
Scenery taken few hours before the race start

Putrajaya Lake
The Marina Bay taken from near the stand

Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel
The Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel, seem to be a five star hotel, its lemon tea juice cost us RM15.. :D

Panorama of Putrajaya Lake
Taken from a spot where i shoot the boat (2nd day)

Jetty at Putrajaya Lake
The jetty

Jetty @ Putrajaya Lake
Another jetty

Grandstand at Putrajaya Lake
The big grand stand facing the lake.. currently it is empty as this picture is taken few hours before the first race start. However this grand stand remain empty afterward... perhaps the authority need to promote this event harder.. i was told the dragon boat competition manage to attract bigger number of visitors... pity the trader

Boat launching to the lake for the Putrajaya Sailing Week opening race
Boat launching to the lake for the Putrajaya Sailing Week opening race

Putrajaya Sailing Week
The boat started to sail toward starting position

Putrajaya Sailing Week - SoloPutrajaya Sailing Week - SoloPutrajaya Sailing Week - Solo
Solo.. Duo.. Trio

Putrajaya Sailing Week
Picture with some 'sob' story behind it.. :)

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  1. Emran,
    Baru nak sampai ke kat situ?? Hehehe ... tempat tu memang happening la. Banyak aktiviti kat situ. Kalau tak silap, antara major event pembukaan ialah Waterski WorldCup 2008 dulu.
    Spt. biasa, gambar2 hebat!!

  2. hehehe... selalu dengar pasal event kat sinie.. tapi ada jek aktiviti lain yang bertembung.. yang nie baru sempat nak pergi.. hehehhe

    gambar sport action agak boring sket.. sbb angin kurang masa competition... last day baru angin kencang tapi masa tue dah malas nak balik jek.. hehehhe

    mekaseh singgah yer kak qool...


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