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Dolok Tolong, Balige, Danau Toba (Part III)

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Juvenile Pinus Tree @ Dolok Tolong, Balige, Danau Toba
Magnificent view from the top of Dolok Tolong

Dolok Tolong (dolok mean hill) is the highest hill in Tobalah area. From this hill you will be able to clearly view the Balige city and also Lake Toba. You can also enjoy the panoramic paddy field from atop here.

Dolok Tolong view screen shot from Google Earth

On top of this hill beside the telecommunication tower there is a well. The history of well is told (in indonesian languange) here. It is believed the well is connected to the history of ancient batak kingdom in Balige area which is known as Onan Bolon. Historically Onan Bolon is the trade centre for ancient batak kingdom.

Here is some of the picture taken from here

Pemandangan Danau Toba & Balige dari Dolok Tolong

Pemandangan Danau Toba & Balige dari Dolok Tolong

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